The Hawthorne Heritage

Teresa Crane

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Pages: 480



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Suffolk, England 1810.

As a child, Jessica Hawthorne’s heart is captured by a stranger. The youngest of a strong-minded, high-tempered family, and left much to her own devices, she is fascinated by a young man she meets in a derelict church, who befriends and bewitches her. A man she never forgets. But a brother dead, another - to their dominant father’s fury - seduced by the Catholic Church and a sister engaged in an outrageously unsuitable love affair breaks the spell of childhood and she is left with nothing but an overwhelming desire to escape a family fragmented by greed and ruthless ambition. An early if unfortunate marriage grants her her freedom, but at a higher cost than she realises. Fleeing to Florence she and her husband join the decadent and licentious circle of artists and musicians dominated and manipulated by the elderly and dissolute Theo Caradine; until yet again a death breaks the spell and Jessica finds herself back in a Suffolk and a family both riven with dissent. And this time, despite herself, she cannot stand aloof from the conflicts or rise above the rivalries and hatreds. She is a Hawthorne. This is her heritage.

Praise for the novels of Teresa Crane: ‘A wonderful storyteller.’ Daily Mail.

‘Teresa Crane is a smashing story teller’ Irish Times

‘Teresa Crane is a storyteller of great skill and vitality -‘ Sarah Harrison (author of Flowers of the Field)

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